May I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes, with one exception. You may apply for either Women In Transition or Women In Need, but not both as they have different eligibility requirements. However, only one scholarship will be awarded to any single candidate.

Does EFWA offer financing for professional certification study or taking the exam?

Does EFWA offer any scholarships or grants other than those on the web site?

Are the scholarships offered only to women?

Does a scholarship applicant have to be a United States citizen?

Does a scholarship applicant have to attend school in the United States to qualify for the scholarships?

Does a scholarship applicant have to be studying for a degree in Accounting to qualify?
Yes; however, some colleges offer Bachelors degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. This also qualifies.

Do online or remote classes qualify for scholarships?
Possibly, if offered by an accredited college or university as determined by the Scholarship committee.

Do Associates degrees qualify?
If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college to get a Bachelors degree after completing your Associates degree, you may qualify for some of the scholarships. Check our web site to determine the criteria for each scholarship.

Are scholarships offered every year?
EFWA offers scholarships every year in which there is adequate funding. All available scholarships will be listed and can be applied for throughout the year, but awards are only made in the summer for the fall terms.

When is the deadline for submitting applications?
The deadline is April 30 for all scholarships, except for the Post-Graduate Laurels scholarship which is due May 15.

Should reference letters be mailed directly to EFWA?
No. The letters should be submitted through the online application portal. Please be sure references include their contact information within their letter.

Should transcripts be mailed directly to EFWA?
No. Have transcripts sent to you and include them in your online document upload within the scholarship application portal.

When are scholarship recipients chosen?
Selection for all scholarship awards is usually completed by June 30.

When will I be notified if I am chosen to receive a scholarship?
All applicants are notified by mail as soon as possible after June 30.

If I am not chosen to receive a scholarship, may I apply again next year?
Yes, if you still meet the criteria for the scholarship.

Do scholarship applicants have to be widowed or divorced to qualify?
No. Women who are the primary source of support for their family can be considered for the Women In Transition or Women In Need scholarships. This is not relevant to any other scholarship.

Do I have to have children to qualify for the Women In Transition or Women In Need scholarships?
No. These scholarships are for women who have become the primary source of support for themselves and their families, as shown by having dependents listed on their tax return. This usually applies to single mothers; however, women who are supporting other members of their family can also be considered.

This compilation tackles the different methods members of the EFWA see as the best ways to support the organization, and in turn, women in accounting.

EFWA members give their advice to women pursuing scholarships and the best ways to go about it.