Donations can be made anytime online via the donate button below. After you choose your donation amount, you may designate a specific program to donate to if you wish to do so. If left blank, donations will be attributed to the general fund. If you prefer to donate by check, checks can be mailed to EFWA, 7946 Clyo Rd. Suite A, Centerville, OH 45459.

EFWA also welcomes gifts from estates, trusts, bequests and grants. Gifts of stock and other investment assets are also appreciated. Please call or email us to discuss these special gifts 937-424-3391 or info@efwa.org. We appreciate you thinking about EFWA in your long-term planning.


Sponsorship Opportunities Available! Increase your company's visibility and make your donation count!

Let your support for EFWA become a marketing opportunity for your company. By participating in scholarship and funding programs, your company can be eligible for "Naming Rights" which translates into free nationwide advertising for your company. Please contact us at info@efwa.org for more information and we will send you an invoice after agreeing on the terms of your sponsorship. Several sponsorship opportunities are listed below for ideas, but this list is not all inclusive.

Sponsor a Woman In Transition Scholarship

Subsidize a full scholarship for a deserving accounting major through our WIT program and earn “naming rights” to this package. Great visibility for you and your company for the duration of the package.

Sponsor a Woman In Need Scholarship

Subsidize a full scholarship for a deserving accounting major through our WIN program. You will earn “naming rights” to this package if you sponsor two students which will give you and your company visibility for the duration of the packages. Or if you commit to a number of consecutive sponsorships, you will also qualify for “naming rights.” A real WIN—WIN—WIN for everybody!

Sponsor a Laurels Fund

Subsidize a Ph.D candidate with a contribution of as little as $1,000. Candidates who qualify will receive funding only for one year. “Naming rights” are available depending on the amount of the contribution.

Offer a Matching Fund Challenge

Match all donations of $250 or more up to any amount you designate. You will receive named sponsorship in the campaign and promotion for the duration of the agreement.

This compilation tackles the different methods members of the EFWA see as the best ways to support the organization, and in turn, women in accounting.

EFWA members give their advice to women pursuing scholarships and the best ways to go about it.